Workflow Recap

That was a lot. Here is a quick version of the workflow.

1. Read the Instructions

2. Open the terminal

  • ls can list files and directories in your current location
  • cd <directory-name> changes your location to the named directory
  • mkdir <directory-name> creates a new directory

3. Go to GitHub

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone the repo to your computer

4. Open Visual Studio Code

  1. Open your new repo
  2. Open the terminal - make sure you are in your project directory
  3. Run the command: npm install
  4. Write your code
  5. Run your code often to check your progress
  6. Save your changes

5. Push up to GitHub

  1. In the terminal run the following commands:
    1. git status
    2. git add .
    3. git status - make sure you added things you wanted
    4. git commit -m "with a message"
    5. git push

6. Verify your changes are in your GitHub repo