Task 5: Submitting Your Work

Before you submit your work, you should test out your code.

Test Words

First run some test words with your program. Here are some words you can use to test your code:

  1. JavaScript = 24 points using Scrabble, 10 using Simple Score, and 16 using Bonus Vowels.
  2. Scrabble = 14 points using Scrabble, 8 using Simple Score, and 12 using Bonus Vowels.
  3. Zox = 19 points using Scrabble, 3 using Simple Score, and 5 using Bonus Vowels.

Example Output

Review the code for each test word to see that it works as expected. Here is an example of the output you may see.

   $ node index
   Let's play some Scrabble!

   Enter a word to score: rum
   Which scoring algorithm would you like to use?

   0 - Simple: One point per character
   1 - Vowel Bonus: Vowels are worth 3 points
   2 - Scrabble: Uses scrabble point system
   Enter 0, 1, or 2: 1
   Score for 'june': 8

Autograding Tests

Your starter code came with a suite of tests your TA can use to verify certain behaviors in your code. These tests can be found in the folder named test. To see how your code will do with these tests, you can run the command npm test in the terminal. If you see a test failed and you are not quite sure why, we encourage you to reach out to course staff for assistance.

Submitting Your Work

Follow the submission instructions in Assignment 0 to submit your work. Remember to copy the link to your repo and paste it in the submission box on Canvas so your TA knows you are ready to have your work graded.

Bonus Missions

  1. Currently, the prompts accept ANY input values. The user could enter something other than 0, 1, or 2 when selecting the scoring algorithm, and they could enter numbers or symbols when asked for a word. Modify your code to reject invalid inputs and then re-prompt the user for the correct information.
  2. Score words spelled with blank tiles by adding ' ' to the newPointStructure object. The point value for a blank tile is 0.