Task 1: Getting Started

Explore the Starter Code

  1. Fork and Clone the starter code repo.

    1. Run npm install
    2. Run npm start to run the starter code.
  2. Open the project and examine the following parts:

    1. components directory
      1. satData.jsx contains the data used for this assignment. It is an array of objects. Note the key/value pairs.
      2. Buttons.jsx contains two <button> tags. The both <button> tags are placeholders. We will be updating these buttons as we work in this component. When the project is complete, it will render 4 buttons.
      3. Table.jsx contains a very basic table structure. You will expand the table so that it displays the required data for each satellite.
        1. “TBD” stands for “To Be Determined”
      4. styling.css contains CSS stylings. Styling is optional for this assignment. If you want to use the styling provided, read the Optional Styling section to see where to import this file.
  3. If you have not started the project yet, run npm start in the terminal. You should see the following:

Starter Code Initial Run