Introduction to Professional Web Development in JavaScript

Course Summary

This course is an introduction to programming concepts and web development with JavaScript and React. JavaScript is a programming language used commonly for web development. Understanding how the internet works and being able to create web applications are important skills in today’s technology landscape. With JavaScript, you can work on your own web applications and support current applications for a company.

Another reason this course teaches JavaScript is that JavaScript is very much like other programming languages. Throughout the course and your career, you will hear that once you learn one programming language, it is easier to learn another. Programmers have found this to be true, especially if the new language closely matches the first.

As you work through this course, we encourage you to remember that learning to code is not only valuable and challenging, it can also be fun! Every EUREKA! moment inspires us to keep going forward and to learn new things. You may find some concepts difficult to understand at first, but these will also be the skills you may take the most pride in mastering. While the journey to learning to code is long and winding, it is also rewarding.

From the moment that you write your first line of code, you are a programmer. We hope you enjoy the flight!

Where this Course Leads

Upon completion of this course, you will be capable of building a small application with React that can dynamically update based on what options your user chooses. You will also be ready to start reviewing the Unit 2 materials of the web development program.

When you start Unit 2, you will start learning a language used for back-end web development, either Java or C#. While you may not be entirely sure what back-end web development is yet, we remind you that by using the skills you employed to learn JavaScript, you are ready to start learning another programming language.


Pre-Course Requirements

There are no academic pre-requisites for this course.

In order to participate, you will need to bring your own laptop. A Chromebook or tablet will not be sufficient. Your laptop should meet the following requirements:

  1. Be younger than 4 years old and able to support the latest operating system.
  2. You have administrator privileges and am able to install new software.
  3. Has an i5 or i7 Intel chip or an M1 or newer Apple processor.
  4. Has at least 8 GB of RAM.