9.10. Studio: Loops

Now that we've launched our shuttle, let's use loops (iteration) to automate some tasks.

9.10.1. Part A (Put dinner together)

  1. First, initialize variables to store the following arrays. Remember to use descriptive names.

    • Protein options:

      ['chicken', 'pork', 'tofu', 'beef', 'fish', 'beans']
    • Grain options:

      ['rice', 'pasta', 'corn', 'potato', 'quinoa', 'crackers']
    • Vegetable options:

      ['peas', 'green beans', 'kale', 'edamame', 'broccoli', 'asparagus']
    • Beverage options:

      ['juice', 'milk', 'water', 'soy milk', 'soda', 'tea']
    • Dessert options

      ['apple', 'banana', 'more kale', 'ice cream', 'chocolate', 'kiwi']

Code it at replt.it

  1. Use a for loop to assemble 6 meals.
    1. The meals must include one item from each of the source arrays.
    2. Each ingredient can only be used ONCE.
    3. Print out each meal.
  2. Skill boost! (Optional): To enhance your learning, modify your code to:
    1. Use string formatting to print something more interesting than "['chicken', 'rice', 'peas', 'juice', 'apple']" for the meal outputs.
    2. Use an "array of arrays" to store the food options in a 'pantry'.

9.10.2. Part B (Self-destruct system)

If the shuttle gets hijacked by space pirates, the astronauts can activate a self-destruct sequence to provide some drama for the viewers at home.

In order to prevent a rogue astronaut from activating the code, it takes two crew members to begin the countdown. Each person must enter a different code, after which the computer will "zip" them together before overloading the engines.

  1. Construct a for loop that combines two strings together, alternating the characters from each source.


    1. If string = "1234" and otherString = "5678", then the output will be "15263748".
    2. If code1 = "ABCDEF" and code2 = "notyet", then the output will be "AnBoCtDyEeFt".
    3. If ka = "LoOt" and blam = "oku!", then the output will be "LookOut!".

    Code it at replt.it

9.10.3. Part C (Refinements)

Update your code from part A to add user input and validation.

  1. Using a while loop, ask the user to select the number of meals to assemble. Validate the input to make sure it is an integer from 1 - 6.

9.10.4. Bonus Mission

Modify your code to check each meal for kale. If present, after the meal output add, "Don't worry, you can have double chocolate tomorrow."