25.8. Select Input

Select inputs create a clickable menu that displays options and allows the user to select one. The available options are defined by <option> tags inside of the <select></select> tag.

<option> tags have a value attribute which defines the value submitted if that option is selected. The text inside the <option>Option text</option> is what is displayed in the select menu.

Type Syntax Description Demo
select <select name="weather"><option value="1">clear</option><option value="2">cloudy</option></select> A menu that allows selection of one option. Requires options to be in <option> tags.

25.8.1. Example


<form action="https://handlers.education.launchcode.org/request-parrot" method="post">
   <label>Operation Code:
   <!-- includes empty value "Select One" option -->
   <select name="operation">
      <option value="">* Select One *</option>
      <option value="1">Simulation</option>
      <option value="2">Rocket Test</option>
      <option value="3">Crew Related</option>

   <select name="facility">
      <option value="johnson">Johnson Space Center, TX</option>
      <option value="kennedy">Kennedy Space Center, FL</option>
      <option value="white-sands">White Sands Test Facility, NM</option>
   <button>Send Report</button>

Default Form Values

Web form showing select inputs for Operation Code and Facility.

Select "Rocket Test" and "White Sands Test Facility, NM"

Web form with select inputs with "Rocket Test" and "White Sands Test Facility, NM" selected.

Submitted Values


Run it

25.8.2. Check Your Understanding


For a select input, what determines the value that is submitted during form submission?