1.3. Why Learn Python?ΒΆ

With all the different coding languages in the world, it can be difficult to choose which one to learn first. Python is a programming language that has many different applications. Programmers can use Python to analyze data, visualize data, and even create art! This class will start with Python for several reasons.

The main reason is that Python has become a key language for data analysis. Python is faster to write than other languages and includes features called packages. We will use different packages throughout the course that are designed to do a variety of different things with data. Matplotlib and seaborn will help us make visualizations. Pandas helps us store and parse through datasets. Numpy works in conjunction with pandas so we can run large calculations. All of these features help us complete data analysis work.

Another reason is that Python is similar to other programming languages. Throughout the course and your career, you will hear that once you learn one programming language, it is easier to learn another. Programmers have found this to be true, especially if the new language closely matches the first. If you would like to pick up R later on, it will be easier already knowing Python!