Checkpoint 4: Tableau Story

Before You Start

You want to first check to see if you have received any feedback from Checkpoints 2 and 3. This feedback could influence the direction of your work on Checkpoint 4. If you want to change anything about what you have done so far in earlier checkpoints, you do not have to re-submit any previous checkpoints unless your mentor requests you do so. You can simply add any updated work and notes to the current checkpoint.

Getting Started

For this checkpoint, you will need to manipulate your data and produce a Tableau story that shows off skills from class, such as filtering and table calculations. You may find yourself wanting to use Pandas and Jupyter notebooks for data manipulation. If you do, make sure to add code comments explaining your thought process and push your work up to Github. No matter what visualizations you add to your Tableau story, all of your captions should include explanations as to your thought process for each visualization. The first caption should include a link to your dataset and the final story point should include links to any supporting materials, such as the Github repository if you used a Jupyter notebook for this checkpoint.


Checkpoint 4 examples can be found here.

Submitting Your Work

When finished paste the link to your Tableau story into the submission box in Canvas for Graded Assignment #4: Checkpoint 4 and click Submit.

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