13.10. Exercises: Razor Views

In this chapter, we started working on an application for tracking various coding events around town.

13.10.1. Getting Started

Open up your CodingEvents project in Visual Studio. Create and checkout a new branch to complete these exercises.

The code you start with should roughly resemble this branch. If you have been coding along with the video lessons, you’re probably in good shape.

As always, give the branch a useful name, like view-exercises.

Now, let’s add descriptions to our events.

13.10.2. Expanding our Events Schedule

  1. In the video lessons, we learned how to use templates to display the elements in a static list called Events. Let’s convert our Events list to a Dictionary. The structure of a dictionary enables us to add descriptions to our events. You’ll need to think about what data types the event name and description will be.


    If you need to refresh your memory on dictionaries, refer to this page.

  2. Update the Events/Add.cshtml template with a new field for a user to submit an event description.


    You’ll want to also add some label tags to your form to let the user know what data they are entering.

  3. Back in EventsController.cs, add the description parameter to the NewEvent action method and within the method, add the new event key/value pair to the Events dictionary.


    Whatever value you provided in the name attribute of your new description field is the name of the parameter.

  4. Now to Events/Index.cshtml. Replace the ul with a table to display event names and descriptions.

  5. Lastly, modify _Layout.cshtml to display links for the Coding Events app (only Events/Index and Events/Add for now).