1.1. Why Learn C#?

This course is an introduction to C# and the .NET framework. C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft and used in almost all of its products.

This course is designed for learners who are already familiar with at least one programming language. Thus, we’ll move quickly through the syntax rules and procedural basics of the language (ie, how does one write a for loop in C#? a conditional statement? Etc.).

As you’ve likely heard before, once you grasp the fundamentals of programming in one language, learning another becomes much easier. Professional software developers often work in environments involving several programming languages so it’s wise to start learning new ones early on in your career.

Beyond the basics of programming in C#, you’ll learn some key object oriented concepts to enhance the capabilities of your programs. You’ll also download a program called Visual Studio IDE to get familiar with the tools of the C# developer. In the final lessons of this course, you will use a C# framework called ASP.NET Core MVC. This framework gives us the scaffolding necessary to create MVC programs (another concept we’ll cover) effectively and efficiently.