Static Resources

Previously, we briefly saw that when adding a view, we inherited some CSS from the _Layout.cshtml file in the Shared directory. While every view we add for our action methods in the controllers inherits from this template, we can also add additional static resources, such as images, scripts, and styles.

Adding Custom Styles

In large applications, we may find more CSS files than just site.css. To add styles that only apply to the view we are currently working on, we can use the same <link> tag we normally do for a static HTML page.

Two things to keep in mind before we start adding our own CSS:

  1. We need to take into account any CSS in site.css. This file contains the site-wide CSS and is included in _Layout. If we want to modify something for the whole site CSS-wise, this is a good place to start.

  2. We need to organize and store our CSS files in the appropriate location, just as we need to do with other files in ASP.NET Core MVC. In our application, we have a wwwroot directory. Inside that directory, we can add CSS files to the css subdirectory. The wwwroot directory is the default location for static files so when the application is served, ASP.NET Core MVC can easily locate these files.


Let’s say we add a custom CSS file to our application called custom.css and store this file in the css subdirectory in wwwroot. If we want to link to this file to use it for a view, we would use the following line of HTML.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="~/css/custom.css">

Because we added our file to the css subdirectory inside the wwwwroot directory, our link is simply "~/css/custom.css".

Add Custom Scripts

We can also add custom JavaScript files the same way we add our CSS files. Inside the wwwroot directory, we can add JavaScript files to the js subdirectory.

When adding custom scripts, we want to keep the same things in mind as when we adding custom CSS files. Our application includes site-wide JavaScript in site.js. If we want to override site-wide scripts, that is where we should start. If we want to add an additional script, we can add it in the js subdirectory inside wwwroot.


We added an additional JavaScript script called custom.js and stored this file in the js subdirectory inside the wwwroot directory. To add this file to a view, we can use the following HTML.

<script src="~/js/custom.js"></script>

Adding Images to the Site

We can also add images that we want to use to the wwwroot directory. To start, we need to create a new subdirectory called images. If we add an image called testimage.png to images, we can reference it in our view with the <img> tag:

<img src="~/images/testimage.png">

If we add an image called fluffy.jpg to the images directory inside of wwwroot, what is the path we could use for the src attribute in the <img> tag?

  1. "/Views/images/fluffy.jpg"
  2. "~/images/fluffy.jpg"
  3. "~/img/fluffy.jpg"
  4. "wwwroot/fluffy.jpg"