Chapter 17: Introduction to Object-Relational Mapping

Major Concepts

By the end of this chapter, you should understand:

  • What object-relational mapping is and why developers use it.
  • How to connect an ASP.NET Core MVC application to a MySQL database.
  • How to create a new migration and update the database.
  • How to create a DbContext and why developer use it.

Key Terminology

Object-Relational Mapping

  1. Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
  2. object-relational mapper
  3. Entity Framework Core
  4. Data Layers
  1. Environment Variables

Accessing Data

  1. Data Store
  2. In-Memory Data Store
  3. Persistent Data Store
  4. DbContext
  5. Database Migration

Working With Data Stores

  1. Dependency Injection
  2. Transient Objects