Mac Users: C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code

Before you start the installation guide, read through each step below. You will find the recommended features and functionality to install listed in each step.


Allow ample time for the installation process.

Installation Steps


Before you start installing anything, you should first make sure that you can install this on your computer.

Install C# Dev Kit

You will need to install Microsoft’s C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code. You can do so by going to the left sidebar in Visual Studio Code and selecting Extensions (the icon appears to be a stack of boxes with one being added to the group). Search for “C# Dev Kit” and click the Install button. Alternatively, you can check out the Marketplace Extension website to install C# Dev Kit Extension for VSC .

You may be required to sign in with a Microsoft account. Creating a Microsoft account is free and it can be used for other Microsoft products.

A Tour of Your New Extension

Microsoft has created a walkthrough of this Visual Studio Code. We recommend you read through this to learn the location of key components of this extension.


If you encounter any issues with this extension, check out the FAQs to get started troubleshooting.