Mac Users: Visual Studio for Mac

Before you start the installation guide, read through each step below. You will find the recommended features and functionality to install listed in each step.


Allow at least an hour for the installation process.

Installation Steps


Before you start installing anything, you should first make sure that you can install this on your computer.

Install Visual Studio

Walk through the installation process by following Microsoft’s Install Visual Studio for Mac guide.

As you install Visual Studio, keep these things in mind:

  1. You will have to assist the installer as needed. This may take a while, but stick around. You may be asked to enter your password a few times.

  2. How to personalize your install is up to you. Visual Studio may require the following personalizations.

    1. Microsoft Account: You may be required to sign in with a Microsoft account. Creating a Microsoft account is free and it can be used for other Microsoft products. For more information on how to connect your Microsoft account to Visual Studio, check out the documentation .
    2. Keyboard Shortcuts: The default is Visual Studio for Mac and that is a good starting option. You can change this later.

A Tour of Your New IDE

Microsoft has created a walkthrough of the Visual Studio 2022 for Mac. We recommend you read through this to learn the location of key components within your new IDE.


Already have Visual Studio on Your Computer?

If you don’t have this most recent version of Visual Studio installed, you will need to updated it. The Update Visual Studio for Mac Guide can help you update your old version of VS to the latest. At the time of this writing, the current version for the course is 2022.

Updating can also help you keep any of your workloads, extensions, or other installed packages up to date.