To get started, open up Visual Studio and create a new console program.


If you do not recall how to create a new console program or need a quick refresher to get started, check out the section on creating a C# project .

For each part of the exercises, create a new project in your solution. When you are done, push your solution up to a repository on your Github account!


  1. Write a new “Hello, World” program to prompt the user for their name and greet them by name.

    a. Add a question to ask the user:

       Console.WriteLine("What is your name?");

    b. Create a variable to store the user’s input:

       string name = Console.ReadLine(); 

    c. Use concatenation to print the greeting:

       Console.WriteLine("Hello " + name);

    d. Run your program.

    Check your solution

Numeric Types

  1. Write a program to calculate the area of a rectangle and print the answer to the console. You should prompt the user for the dimensions. (What data types should the dimensions be?)

    a. Add a print line to prompt the user for the length of the rectangle.

    Check your solution

    b. Define a variable to handle the user’s response.

    c. Repeat the previous two steps to ask for and store the rectangle’s width.

    Check your solution

    d. Use the length and width values to calculate the rectangle’s area.

    e. Print a statement using concatenation to communicate to the user what the area of their rectangle is.

    Check your solution

    f. Run the program to verify your code.

More on Numeric Types

  1. Write a program that asks a user for the number of miles they have driven and the amount of gas they’ve consumed (in gallons), and print their miles-per-gallon.

    Check your solution


  1. The first sentence of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is below. Store this sentence in a string, and then prompt the user for a term to search for within this string. Print whether or not the search term was found. Make the search case-insensitive, so that searching for “alice”, for example, prints true.

    Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the
    bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the
    book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in
    it, 'and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice 'without pictures or
    Check your solution
  2. Extend the previous exercise. Assume the user enters a word that is in the sentence. Print out its index within the string and its length. Next, remove the word from the string and print the sentence again to confirm your code. Remember that strings are immutable, so you will need to reassign the old sentence variable or create a new one to store the updated phrase.