Task 5: Submit Your Code and Bonus Missions

Sanity Check

At this point, all autograding tests should be passing. To be sure, run all the tests at once and if any are failing, evaluate the error message and go back and fix your code.

How to Submit

To turn in your assignment and get credit, follow the submission instructions .

Bonus Missions

Here are some additional challenges, for those willing to take them on:

  1. When we select a given field to search within and then submit, our choice is forgotten and returns to “All” by default. Modify the view template to keep the previous search field selected when displaying the results.
  2. In the tables displaying the full job data, find a way to manipulate the font, style, capitalization, etc. to further distinguish the labels from the data (e.g. Employer: LaunchCode). (Hint: We capitalize the title string in multiple templates, so have a look around).
  3. In the tables of the job results, make each value (except name) hyperlinked to a new listing of all jobs with that same value. For example, if we have a list of jobs with the JavaScript skill, clicking on a location value like Saint Louis will generate a new list with all the jobs available in that city.