Submission and Bonus Missions

Sanity Check

Before submitting, make sure that your application:

  1. Prints each field of a job when using search functionality, and when listing all columns. If there are no search results, a descriptive message is displayed.
  2. Allows the user to search for a string across all columns.
  3. Returns case-insensitive results.
  4. Run the autograding tests to ensure that the tests pass.

How to Submit

To turn in your assignment and get credit, follow the submission instructions.

Review Assignment 0 if you need a refresher on this process.

Bonus Missions

If you want to take your learning a few steps further, here are some additional features the company team thinks would be nice to have in our app. We’re not providing you much guidance here, but we have confidence that you can figure how to implement these enhanced features!

  1. Sorting list results: When a user asks for a list of employers, locations, position types, etc., it would be nice if results were sorted alphabetically. Make this happen.
  2. Returning a copy of AllJobs: Look at JobData.FindAll(). Notice that it’s returning the AllJobs property, which is a static property of the JobData class. In general, this is not a great thing to do, since the person calling our FindAll() method could then mess with the data that AllJobs contains. Fix this by creating a copy of AllJobs. Hint: Look at the methods of the List class listed in the Microsoft documentation.