Task 3: Complete the Job Class


Due to the fact that this code is being auto-graded as you work through it, make sure that you use any and all names for classes, variables, methods, etc provided to you in these directions.

Now open the Job file and follow the TODO prompts to remove the comment markers.

OOF! There are a lot of fields and properties declared and not much else.

  1. Code a constructor to initialize the id field with a unique value. This constructor should take no parameters.
  2. Code a second constructor that takes 5 parameters and assigns values to name, employerName, employerLocation, jobType, and jobCoreCompetency. Also, this constructor should call the first in order to initialize the id field.
  3. Generate the Equals() and GetHashCode() methods. Consider two Job objects equal when their id fields match.

Run TestTask3 tests

Uncomment the tests inside the TestTask3class. Look for the TODOs to help you find the multi-line comments marks.

Run your TestTask3 unit tests.

Refactor your code as needed.

Do not start Task 4 until you have passed all of Task 3’s auto-grading unit tests.


Now would be a good time to save, commit, and push your work up to GitHub.

On to Task 4 .