Final Steps

Sanity Check

Once you finish all of the tasks outlined above, all that remains is to check the console display.

Sally has provided some commented-out code in RunTechJobs.cs that prints out a small list of Job objects. Go ahead and activate this code and run it. Properly done, your output should look something like the following:

ID: 1
Name: Product tester
Employer: ACME
Location: Desert
Position Type: Quality control
Core Competency: Persistence

ID: 2
Name: Web Developer
Employer: LaunchCode
Location: St. Louis
Position Type: Front-end developer
Core Competency: JavaScript

ID: 3
Name: Ice cream tester
Employer: Data not available
Location: Home
Position Type: UX
Core Competency: Tasting ability

Excellent! You successfully shifted the old console app into a more useful object-oriented configuration.

Now that the new structure is ready, another team member can refactor the import and display methods from the previous assignment to use the new classes. Once these are ready, our team will refine the search features and move the app online to provide a better user interface.

How to Submit

  1. Stage, Commit, and Push to GitHub Classroom.

  2. Verify the results of your submission. Continue to work on your code until you pass all of the tests.


You have successfully completed C# Graded Assignment 2: Tech Jobs Object-Oriented Edition!