Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small tracker to show us what programming skills we are working on? Let’s build something that would let us do just that!

As always, read through the whole studio before starting.

At the end of the studio, your final project should be able to take input from a user via a form and post the information in a way that is easy to read.

Create the MVC Project

In Visual Studio, create a new ASP.NET project using the Web Application (Model-View-Controller) option. Name your new project SkillsTracker. Once created, run the project and go to localhost:5001 to ensure that there are no underlying build errors to fix before coding. Now you are ready to start tracking skills.

Creating Controllers

In your project, add a controller class called SkillsController inside the Controllers folder. Inside SkillsController, you will add several methods to accomplish the following:

  1. At localhost:5001/skills, add text that states the three possible programming languages someone could be working on. You need to have an h1 with the title “Skills Tracker”, an h2, and an ol containing three programming languages of your choosing.

  2. At localhost:5001/skills/form, add a form that lets the user enter a date and choose their learning progress in each of the programming skills listed at /skills.


    Use the date input type . Note that the value is a string type.

    For each of the skills, use select elements for selecting a description of progress.

  3. Also at localhost:5001/skills/form, use [HttpPost] and request parameters to update the HTML with an h1 stating the submitted date and a list showing the user’s learning progress in the three programming languages they chose.

End Result

At the end of the studio, when you navigate to localhost:5001/skills, you should see the following:

Skill Tracker app home page

When you navigate to localhost:5001/skills/form, you should see a blank form that looks something like:

Skill Tracker app blank skill form

If you fill out the form, your page may render like so:

Skill Tracker app result of skill form submission

Bonus Missions

  1. Reformat your form page to use a table instead of an ordered list.
  2. Add a new path to the site to display the information from the completed form.